Following, Managing and Securing trailers, tyres, containers, assets and fleets

b.Alert specializes in tracking and monitoring systems for vehicles and equipment in various industry sectors. b.Alert offers a full range from standard products to custom-made solutions for tracking and remote management of trailers, containers, plant and machines, assets ...

b.Alert offers high-tech solutions for the logistics and security sectors, including active tags, theft alarms, restrictions on opening doors and starting engines ...

Especially applicable for the transport sector, b.Alert provides solutions for tyre monitoring (TPMS) and fuel theft security.


UCH Logistics: “b.Alert does exactly what we require and is exceptionally cost effective. We had no issues with installation or training and have found the system very simple to use.

We don’t use the system all of the time but the benefit to our operations has been quite simply in knowing exactly where our trailers are when we need to know. This enables us to plan efficiently, saving time, fuel and of course cost.

As one of the first UK hauliers to buy this system, we wondered if we were taking a risk but the competitive pricing negated this risk and the subsequent experience has confirmed our decision.”

John Dooley, Transport Manager

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