Innovative tyre management


New and advanced smart technology

After fuel and personnel, tires are the most important cost in the transport world.

Driving at all times with the correct tire pressure has many positive consequences; it saves fuel, lowers CO2 emissions, reduces tire wear and increases road safety.

b.Alert TPMS V2 helps you to realize these savings, but also helps you save on maintenance contracts and limits downtime.

b.Alert TPMS V2 manages your tires and monitors the tire pressure of your fleet in real time.

b.Alert TPMS V2 also measures the use of a tire.

The Fill level

b.Alert works with the filling level in a tire. This is the amount of air or gas in a tire. This value is temperature independent.

In this way, an alarm is also generated very quickly when the filling level drops too fast. For example, we give an alarm when a tire starts losing air, and not when it's empty.

Working lists

How can you efficiently keep all tires at the same pressure? Normally this is unimaginable work.

b.Alert TPMS V2 helps with work lists. Only the tires that need to be blown are listed on this list.

The lists are delivered to you in the way that you want to organize the topping up: ifv the place and ifv the time. Where and when it suits you.

The tire pressures get 30 to 40% better with 60 to 80% less effort.


An alarm is generated on the screen, by e-mail, by SMS and on the on-board computer for a significant decrease in the filling level or a low filling level.
Temperature alarms are also generated that provide insight into mechanical problems on the wheels.
The alarms are regularly repeated depending on the urgency.

Tyre pressure maintenance for ROI and safety

Tires are responsible for 1 / 3rd of the maintenance cost of a truck or trailer.
Thanks to the artificial intelligence of b.Alert TPMS V2 and the adapted reports and alarms, you save at least 400 per car per year with at least 50% less work.

This return is not achievable with traditional maintenance or a traditional TPMS system.