Intelligent applications for direct and indirect tracking


Working principle

The tracking of assets can be expensive and complex. b.Alert Logistcs is a solution combining the precision of vehicle (truck, van, trailer etc.) GPS tracking technology and GSM cellular communication with small active tags that are placed on the asset (reusable packaging, carts , ....). People can also carry the tags.

Whenever the vehicle sees the tag, it is registered on the cloud platform. Thus, the active tag is indirectly monitored and the user, via the cloud portal, knows the location of the assets.

It is possible in the cloud platform to associate the presence of tags (assets and people) and vehicles in certain locations with an event, and trigger actions like sending an invoice or re-stocking.


The b.Alert Logistics unit is usually installed on the underside of the trailer or truck chassis, or in the load space. It can be very inconspicuous. The only cable out of the unit is to a power supply (12V or 24V).

This unit receives signals from the active tags and sends it to the server along with the GPS position. Thus, one knows where the asset is or was and with an accuracy of less than a few metres.

There are 3 versions available: ABS case, a polyurethane moulded block and ADR compliant type.

Active tags

Active RFID tags have their own batteries and transmit according at a fixed rhythm their ID and supplementary data. The range of active tags is wider than passive tags at several tens of meters.

The Industrial Asset tag is ideally suited for heavy duty or outdoor use with vehicle tracking and monitoring applications that require a highly robust, waterproof (IP67) tag. The tag can be deployed equally well on metallic and non-metallic assets. The tag can incorporate a motion sensor giving immediate alarms on movement, and offers different user-configurable rates for its status transmissions. It has an anti-tamper facility which is implemented by fitting the supplied spring-magnet.

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the load

The Asset Temperature tag can be used to measure the temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment. The TGA-TEMP has a unique omni directional antenna design allowing the tag to be read from all directions and to be deployed equally well on metallic and non-metallic assets. Optimum read range is achieved on metal with a 10% reduction on non-metals. The tag is sealed to IP68 providing the highest level of water ingress protection. The TGA-TEMP is equipped with an anti-tamper switch which when used in conjunction with the Wavetrend Anti Tamper kits will send an alarm on removal from an asset.


The interface is web based. The user can view list data and map locations for all devices.

Alarms can be sent by text message or email.

We offer API links so it is easy to interface b.Alert Logistics data with other software management systems.