b.Alert Machine: monitoring and managing maintenance of machines


Complete tracking and security of machines

b.Alert Machine is a professional tracking and security device for unmanned equipment.

It is designed to be durable, hard to tamper with and easy and quick to install. It is also possible to install the unit covertly. It performs well both outside and inside buildings.

Manage and protect a machine in the field

b.Alert Machine tracks and traces your machines in the field, enabling easy arrangement of pick-ups, giving useful information for billing, and more.

Alarms can be set for "improper" or suspicious use e.g. usage at weekends. If the unit is mounted on the fuel tank, then it can also detect fuel thefts.

The unit detects very precisely the running time of the engine, critical to the maintenance planning of many machines used in agriculture, construction and other field activities.


Fixing options are magnets, adhesive or bolts.

Power is supplied from the machine's battery (12V or 24V). There is also an internal battery, a back-up in case of tampering.

There are 2 versions available: an ABS case or a polyurethane moulded block.


The interface to your data on our servers is done through a user-friendly web interface. Reports can be sent out automatically to email addresses.

There is a maintenance module enabling the planning and scheduling of machine servicing by engine running time.