Mobile monitoring and control


b.Alert Connect Plus: the ultimate versatile product

b.Alert Connect Plus has all of the same features as b.Alert Connect but builds on them with even more.

This unit has digital input and output ports and so can both inform you about a machine or other equipment's status as well as control it like an actuator.

b.Alert Connect Plus has some standard applications but can be applied to do almost anything.

For example, a genset, a pump, ... can be started or stopped remotely.

Or can be measured very precisely when and for how long the genset or pump worked. With the right sensor, a degree of filling can also be measured, whether or not a cage monkey hangs in place. The possibilities are endless.


The unit is usually installed on the underside of the trailer (or truck) chassis and can be very inconspicuous.

Power is supplied from the machine's battery (12V or 24V) combined of course with an internal battery.

There are 2 versions available: an ABS case or a polyurethane moulded block.


The interface to your trailer data on our servers is done through a user-friendly web interface. Reports can be sent out automatically to email addresses.

It is also possible to collect extensive statistical information about the operation.

In addition to the reports, alarms are also possible. If a group or a pomp unwanted person is switched off, or continues to work for too long, ... You are always informed and can intervene.

If you need it, we can set up API links with your other management systems.