Mobile monitoring, identification and security


Product description

b.Alert ID is a combination RFiD reader and communication module. The module is installed in the car or the van.

Employees hold their own tags which, when held against the reader, trigger a signal to be sent to the server which includes time and location.

b.Alert ID can serve as staff clock-in system and so manage staff in the field. The reader can also communicate with all sorts of devices to trigger actions such as opening locked doors, turning on lights, allowing an engine to start etc. These triggers and links tied to individual cards are defined at server level.

Clock-in time registration and more

b.Alert ID and ID+ provide clock-in and other data, which is retained centrally and available for analysis.

It is useful not only for HR administration but also for logistics use and invoicing of labour costs across different sites, different customers etc.

Restricting driver access

When your business uses multiple vehicles, it may be important to control who operates them e.g. restrict to appropriately qualified personnel.

b.Alert ID+ enables you to dynamically allocate specific vehicles to specific employees. Only that employee will be able to start that vehicle, and only in the time frame that you specifiy.


b.Alert ID is a central unit. The only connection is a power supply (12V or 24V). There are 3 versions available of the case: an ABS case, a polyurethane moulded block and an ADR compliant type.

High performance GPS so that the internal antenna can work well even with a covert installation.


The interface to the data on our servers is done through a user-friendly web interface. Alarms are sent via text or email. Reports can be sent out automatically to email addresses.

If you need it, we can set up API links with other management systems.