Middlegate, Philippe B.

As far as b-Alert is concerned, I can say that I have realized a lot to make the best use of it.
I am talking here about creating POIs, which give users a recognizable name for a position and allow us to print useful reports for those POIs. In addition, I also realized the integration with Navision. This allows planners to receive live status updates and see them on their graphic planning board at a glance who has already arrived at a place and / or has already left there. The result is a real added value for our planners.


b.Alert best system according to German journal Staplerworld

b.Alert Machine was tested with other systems by the German magazine Staplerworld.

It was judged the best unit on technical and commercial points and had a good perfomance on durability and functionality, both outside of and inside buildings.

the article

UCH Logistics

“b.Alert does exactly what we require and is exceptionally cost effective. We had no issues with installation or training and have found the system very simple to use.

We don’t use the system all of the time but the benefit to our operations has been quite simply in knowing exactly where our trailers are when we need to know. This enables us to plan efficiently, saving time, fuel and of course cost.

As one of the first UK hauliers to buy this system, we wondered if we were taking a risk but the competitive pricing negated this risk and the subsequent experience has confirmed our decision.”

John Dooley, Transport Manager

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