b.Alert Basic Plus security of valuable assets


b.Alert Basic+ has exceptional autonomy

Always with the goal of conserving battery power, the unit can intelligently switch itself on or partially off as appropriate.

Many simple systems transmit locations at a fixed rhythm (one or twice a day). b.Alert Basic+ offers long autonomy whilst reporting back useful information triggered by real events.

An intelligent system

b.Alert Basic+ will report the location where your container/asset is parked and then send an alert the moment it moves. Only relevant information is reported.

Protects all kinds of containers and their contents or other assets

With dynamic geo-fencing, you will get an email or text message the moment the asset is moved unexpectedly. "Hot tracking" makes it possible to track the stolen assets minute by minute and arrange an urgent interception.

Easy to install and easy to use

Basic+ is an independent tracking unit. It can be fixed with magnets, adhesive or bolts. There is the choice of a long autonomy unit with fixed batteries requiring no maintenance during its life. Or there is a smaller unit, with changeable batteries. There is the choice of opening up the case to change the batteries or a separate battery block which is simply swapped with a new one.

Helps with your billing

If your assets are rented by the day or by the week, Basic+ can keep track of how long assets remained at certain places enabling you to bill your rental customers accurately. The system can also interface automatically to your billing systems. The time will be exact to the minute.


A unit powered by batteries. High performance GPS so that the internal antenna can work with a covert installation. Different models with autonomy range of 3 months to maximum 7 years, depending on the configuration. Individually replaceable batteries / replaceable battery block / fully integrated lifetime use product.

Fixing options are magnets, adhesive or bolts. ADR compatible options available.

The communication is limited both while driving and when stationary, making it almost impossible to detect the unit from its transmissions.

Server and communication

The user gets access to data on the server through a web interface.
The unit transmits its position the moment it is parked and when it starts driving. Battery autonomy depends on the number of transmissions per day and the capacity of the batteries.
Hot tracking allows the user to activate minute by minute location updates. This is for use in cases of suspected theft and allows the user to locate and recover the asset.
Another anti-theft measure is provided by intelligent geo-fencing, which alerts you when an asset moves outside the allowed zone. Daily activity reports can be programmed to be sent out automatically by email.