Basic tracking and security


Complete tracking and security for trailers, vehicles and assets

b.Alert Connect is a professional tracking and security device for unmanned equipment.

It is designed to be durable, hard to tamper with and easy and quick to install. It is also possible to install the unit covertly. It performs well both outside and inside buildings.

Tracking and security of trailers

b.Alert Connect protects your trailers and their cargo, wherever they are; furthermore it will improve operational efficiency and cut costs.

When your trailer is stationary, whether coupled to a tractor or not, alarms can be set to warn you of unexpected intrusions, unexpected movements, even an unexpected coupling.

When your trailer is being pulled, you can see exactly where it is. And, if it got stolen, you would be able to recover the trailer and the load very quickly.

More than just providing security, Connect helps you to manage your trailer fleet: Where are my trailers? How many miles did that one cover? When did a trailer arrive at the customer's site and when was it loaded? How effectively is each trailer being used?

Whether accessing the data online in real-time or whether looking at generated reports, Connect gives you the necessary information you need to make key management decisions.


The unit is usually installed on the underside of the trailer (or truck) chassis and can be very inconspicuous.

The only cable out of the unit is to a power supply (12V or 24V).

There are 3 versions available of the case: an ABS case, a polyurethane moulded block and an ADR compliant type.


The interface to your trailer data on our servers is done through a user-friendly web interface. Reports can be sent out automatically to email addresses.

If you need it, we can set up API links with your other management systems.