b.Alert Basic : extended autonomy


Locate containers, skips and other assets

b.Alert Basic gives you one location of the asset per day. So you can see not only where it is today but how many days it has been there, which may be useful for billing and other purposes.

If you suspect that your asset has been stolen, the location update interval can be increased so that you can arrange for an urgent interception.


The unit operates completely autonomously on batteries. GPS antenna is internal so there is no additional wiring and the unit can therefore be very inconspicuous.

Battery life ranges from 1 to 7 years, depending on the set update interval and other factors. There are options for replaceable batteries/battery pack or there is a fully integrated product which is disposed of at the end of battery life.

Fixing options are magnets, adhesive or bolts.

ADR compatible version is available.


The interface to your trailer data on our servers is done through a user-friendly web interface. Reports can be sent out automatically to email addresses.

The unit transmits its position at fixed time intervals. The autonomy (number of years of battery life) depends on the number of transmissions per day and the capacity of the batteries fitted.

"Hot Tracking", when activated, increases the transmission interval to once per minute. Using this function you could locate and get back a stolen asset.

Another protection against theft is the intelligent geo-fence functionality. You can set an alarm in the system to send you an email or text if the asset is taken outside an allowed or "safe" zone.