Theft prevention

Out on in the field, machines sit outside and are accessible and prone to theft. When that happens, it is important to quickly find their location and attempt to recover.
This problem is particularly relevant when the machines are rented out.

Improper use

Sometimes staff secretly use machines without permission in evenings or at weekends. Companies may want to control who is allowed to operate machines and at what times.


Machine maintenance is usually based on engine running time. This can be read off the machine but, in the field and with the equipment dispersed, it can be hard for maintenance teams to keep track of the usage hours of all machines and so plan their maintenance effectively.
A simple automated system to monitor and record running time means that lists can be generated and the maintenance teams can therefore work efficiently.

Shock sensitivity

Sensitive machines can be damaged or lose their calibration if they suffer shocks for example when being transported. Examples are milling machines,electron microscopes, 3D printers etc.