Fleet Management and security


Monitor employees' location & timesheets in real time

External workers such as salesmen may need to visit many locations per day, often related to leads fed to them by the internal sales function. Which propects have they visited? How long were they there?

b.Alert provides businesses with industry-leading employee location tracking & time management systems. We provide cloud-based mobile timekeeping solutions that allow businesses to monitor the location of their mobile workforce in real time, from anywhere.

Private and business mileage

Employers may have to manage staff using their company cars for private mileage as well as staff using their private cars for company trips.

Using manual methods to record these mileages for reimbursement can be time-consuming and error or deceit is rife. Not only does the company want to keep the accounting tight but they must also comply with tax rules.

Protection of vehicles against burglary and theft

The b.Alert unit can detect vibrations and, if it determines that there may have been a break-in to the vehicle, can send an email or text message to the driver.

The b.Alert unit can also be used to track a stolen vehicle.

Another function is remote immobilisation which gives you option to prevent a stopped vehicle from starting again.

Management of workteams

All kinds of sectors have teams of mobile workers visiting customers to do jobs: equipment support and maintenance, facilities management, electricians, plumbers etc.

To organise the operations of these teams efficiently, planners need visibility of what they are doing now and where they are, what they have already done that day etc.

In addition, it may be necessary to dispatch the closest workers to urgent jobs.

After the jobs are completed, for billing purposes it is also important to have an accurate report of how long they were parked at the job, time of arriving and departing.

Automatic detection of drivers or relevant staff

Timesheet input done manually is prone to human error or dishonesty.
Active tags make it possible to detect who is present.
Doors can open automatically, invoicing can be triggered, lights go on, machines start ... subject to the authorized individual being present at the specified location.

Vehicle rental

When renting out vehicles, most of the time the owner is not interested to know exactly where they are. However, if the vehicle gets stolen by a third party or perhaps even by the customer himself, then you will want to be able to locate it as quickly as possible.

Mobility allowance

In the EU from 2014, some workers became entitled to a mobility allowance, amount payable dependant on the sector and the collective labour agreement. To calculate the allowance correctly can be a daunting task for companies.