Easy management of reusable packaging

Manual methods of locating resuable pckaging and assets can waste a lot of time and prevent efficient fleet management. Operators are no longer limited to vehicle fleet management; they can extend coverage to the identification and location monitoring of their packaging or asset fleet.

b.Alert Logistics extends coverage from traditional GPS by adding active RFID tags. Mounted on the walls of assets, the tags enable identification when in the presence of fleet vehicles. The GPS tracked vehicles can thus geo-locate the assets and so enable tracking and management of the asset fleet.

Urban hubs and distribution

Products arrive at the urban hub for loading onto smaller vehicles for city deliveries.
Stores use these hubs as storage so, at any time, stock may be in different places but also needs to be readily available.
The risk of errors is great.

Temperature and humidity within the packaging and the load

The cold chain should never be broken to safeguard freshness and quality of chilled and frozen products. Typically this is done by controlling the temperature in the refrigerated trucks and the refridgerated storage space.
For sensitive products there is still a risk. Who guarantees that, at trans-shipment from link to another, the goods are not for some time allowed to get warmer?
Active tags in the right place such as on the packaging boxes can measure the temperature on the products and so ensure full cold chain records are kept.