19 september 2019: What impact will electric trucks have on car tires?

The tires on electric vehicles wear out faster.

A good choice and especially a good follow-up of the tires is therefore necessary.

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Christophe Slegers September 18, 2019 0

Research shows that the Belgian transport sector is responsible for more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO2. These emissions are mainly caused by road transport and to a lesser extent by inland shipping and rail transport.

To improve air quality, Belgium must reduce its CO2 emissions by 35% by 2030 as part of the Paris climate agreement. In Flanders, the government wants to achieve this goal by controlling the number of vehicle kilometers by road, a fleet that is better for the environment, encouraging energy-efficient driving behavior and improving efficiency in inland shipping.
Tires of electric vehicles wear harder

Diesel engines account for a large part of the CO2 emissions. Electric trucks emit little CO2 while driving and are therefore recommended as a clean alternative to diesel trucks. But these trucks also emit particles while driving. Due to the higher weight of electric trucks and the faster acceleration, the truck tires wear about 20% harder. A lot of particulate matter is released, especially during braking. It is estimated that tires, road surface wear and brake pads are directly responsible for more than half of the total pollution caused by road transport.
Environmental benefit with a well-considered choice of tires

If you want to expand your fleet with electric trucks or other electric vehicles, you can therefore achieve environmental benefits by paying attention to the tires you use. The right tires reduce fine dust emissions, but also lower maintenance costs due to lower wear.

If you use normal tires under an electric vehicle, then you have to replace it more often. By paying attention to specific properties when purchasing new tires, it is possible to keep particle emissions as low as possible and save on costs. For example, opt for narrow and larger tires. These have a larger contact surface, making them up to 10% more efficient than wide tires.
Take extra tire checks into account

It is important to keep an eye on wear and tire pressure when using EV tires. Due to the higher wear due to the higher weight in combination with acceleration and braking, additional periodic tire checks may be necessary. Due to the extra weight, the profile also wears out harder than you might be used to. Tire manufacturers have now recognized this problem and are developing special EV tires where the rubber compound is more durable than regular tires, thus reducing wear.

The emission of harmful particles can be further reduced by paying attention to the weight of the tires. Lighter tires ensure a lower rolling resistance, allowing an electric truck to drive more kilometers on the same battery charge.

The sound of the tires is also a point of attention. Not so much for the reduction of particle emissions, but more for safety. Electric trucks are very quiet and, despite their size, are less easily noticed. So a little rolling noise can't hurt.
The impact of electric driving on truck tires

Switching to electric driving not only has a significant impact on the transport sector, but also on the tires that are used. Because of the extra weight of electric vehicles, normal tires wear too fast, which can increase costs. Special EV tires are more resistant to the higher wear, which further reduces the emission of fine dust and harmful particles via the truck tires.

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