International Transport - shipping containers


Service for customers

Your customers will want to know where their containers or their goods are. Instead of asking you, they can track it themselves on a web page.

Shock sensitive and fragile goods

Some loads are particularly delicate containing goods that cannot undergo too excessive forces e.g. anything made of glass, sensitive machinery or equipment.

As well as wanting to measure the forces undergone during a job, you might want to know where any excessive force occured in order to identify any persons responsible.

Understanding travel times

Container sea travel times are long. What is the latest ETA?

Easy retrieval

Containers in the care of third parties can get lost and whereabouts become unknown.

Recovery of stolen containers

Occasionally a container can get stolen, usually on the trailer on which it was transported from the port. As well as needing to find it when ultimately abandoned, you may also need to arrange to urgently intercept it.