Assets - containers, skips/waste containers, dumpsters


Easy management

Assets (skips etc.) in the care of third parties can get lost and whereabouts become unknown. Manual methods of locating assets take time and are inefficient. Operators of skips are no longer limited to vehicle fleet management; they can extend coverage to the identification and location monitoring of their skip fleet.

b.Alert Logistics extends coverage from traditional GPS by adding active RFID tags. Mounted on the walls of assets, the tags enable identification when in the presence of fleet vehicles. The GPS tracked vehicles can thus geo-locate the assets and so enable tracking and management of the asset fleet.

Automated monitoring of waste containers and skips

Waste cotainers for selective retrieval should only be collected when sufficiently filled.

Using a light sensor, the fill level can be identified. That triggers a signal to be sent to the planning office and so automatically the container gets scheduled to be emptied.

Cost and efficiency savings come from emptying full containers before they overflow and avoiding wasted journeys picking up partially filled containers.

Recovery of stolen containers

Occasionally a container can get stolen, usually on the trailer on which it was transported from the port. As well as needing to find it when ultimately abandoned, you may also need to arrange to urgently intercept it.

Fast recovery of valuable contents

Some dumpsters contain valuable material such as copper wire or other metals or materials that are attractive to thieves.
It is very useful to know the moment such as dumpster moves unexpectedly so that prevention or recovery action can be taken.