b.Alert Weight


b.Alert Weight pour les camions et remorques

b.Alert TPMS is intended to follow the load of the load of the rear axle of all axles of trailers or lorries.

The control is done not only by the driver, but by the planning manager who can intervene at any time.

The load weight on the axle(s) is followed real time.


Le service s'exécute entièrement via une interface web et une alarme est donnée lorsqu'une surcharge est détecteé aussitôt que possible à voir sur l'écran, ainsi que de l'emplacement.

Si vous le souhaitez, cette alarme a également transmis à une adresse e-mail, un téléphone mobile (par SMS) ou l'ordinateur de bord.


b.Alert TPMS consists of a main unit placed on the chassis of a trailer or truck. On one hand, it communicates with the sensors, on the other hand with the persons in charge of the company.

In addition a pressure sensor is installed onto the pressure line of each monitored pneumatic suspension. Using b.Alert's proprietary algorithms the load weight on each is determined.

A slave unit can be placed on the trailer enabling not only axle load but also total weight to be calculated.