b.Alert Weight


b.Alert Weight for trailers and trucks

b.Alert Weight is designed to monitor load weights on either the rear axle of a trailer or on all axles of a truck or trailer.

The visibility gives management and control power to not just the driver but also the transport team back in the office.

The loads on the monitored axles can be followed in real time.


The system runs via a web interface.

An alarm, given by text, email or onboard computer immediately warns of an overload showing full details including location.


b.Alert Weight consists of a unit usually installed on the underside of the trailer (or truck) chassis.

In addition a pressure sensor is installed onto the pressure line of each monitored pneumatic suspension. Using b.Alert's proprietary algorithms the load weight on each is determined.

A slave unit can be placed on the trailer enabling not only axle load but also total weight to be calculated.