Protection against fuel theft


b.Alert Fuel in action

Secures fuel tanks against fuel theft

b.Alert Fuel is fitted near to the mouth of the tank and detects suspicious activity by detecting vibrations. Opening the lid, drilling holes, knocking etc. will all trigger an alarm.

The default alarm consists of a loud sound and lights but a silent alarm sent to email/SMS is also available.

b.Alert Fuel also monitors internal theft

Approximately 80% of all fuel theft is done by the driver himself, mostly by skimming off small amounts over time. The system can detect signs of these small thefts so that those who steal are detected in a systematic way.

A universal product

b.Alert Fuel is universal and can be fitted to the fuel tanks of trucks, field machinery (agricultural, construction etc.) or to fixed storage tanks/bunded tanks.

b.Alert Fuel V2 : the latest version

The latest version V2 will detect intrusions even faster and more efficiently, is easier and cheaper to install and is easily extended using standard product to protect multiple fuel tanks on a vehicle.


The unit is fitted to the neck of the fuel container. It needs to be powered, usually from the vehicle's the battery (12V or 24V). If the main power supply is cut, an alarm is automatically triggered.

The alarm is given in 2 stages. At first phase, there is only a visual alarm: switching on vehicle lights, a strobe light on the tank. This should be sufficient to deter a potential thief or warn an innocent not to tamper further. However, if the interference continues, then at the second phase an audible alarm is produced with loud sirens or the vehicle horn.

An additional communication module is available enabling a silent alarm which transmits to email or SMS.