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Moeten banden in de winter harder geblazen worden?Op een koude winterdag staan plots veel meer, zoniet alle banden op onderdruk. Een klassiek TPMS systeem zal plots veel alarmen geven. Moeten ze harder opgeblazen worden? en hoe weet ik dan wat de juiste druk is om op te blazen? Download file.BlowoutsBlowouts are an important problem. Not only they are dangerous fo the truck or trailer and the driver, but they can form an important risk for the life and safety of other road users. Thereby they always cause major disrupties in the planning. Is it possible to detect the start of them in time so a blowout can be prevented? Download file.Consequences of temperatuure on tyre pressureIn a previous whitepaper we showed what the theoretical relationship between the temperature and pressure in a tyre. This means that, depending on the temperature inside a tyre, the pressure measurement will be different and, therefore, it is necessary to know the temperature inside the tyre to obtain the right pressure. We give some examples . For the examples, we always use 9 bar as an optimal pressure, at a reference temperature of 15 °C. Download file.pressure and temperature in tyres: theoryWhat is the theoretical relation between pressure and temperature in a tyre? What are the consequences. Download file.The speed for pressure drop of tiresThe pressure drop in tires during use. What, why? Download file.Exact measurement of waiting and loading timesWith classic tracking solutions one knows how long a trailer is at a certain position or client. One does not know what happens. b.Alert measures, using vibrations, precisely when and how long the trailer is loaded and unloaded. Thus one knows where the time is lost in the process during waiting. Download file.Tire management system and not only a measurement systemAll TPMS technology claims to reduce the cost of tires in terms of fuel comsumption and tire wear. However, one needs to be able to execute the maintenance. It takes a lot of man power to check all tires or to inflate them. In this sense, a TPMS systeem needs to be a Tire Pressure Management System and not a Tire Pressure Measurement System. Download file.Are your trucks overloadedAt first glance, overloading seems to be a rather straight-forward issue, but, in actuality, a truck can be overloaded in many different ways. Considerable research and careful design is required to make sure your trucks are properly designed for all of the various loading situations encountered during day-to-day operations. Download file.HOE DE BANDENSPANNINGEN CORRECT BEHERENHet opvolgen van de bandenspanning van vrachtwagens en trailers genereert belangrijke directe besparingen. Hoe kan deze opvolging efficient gebeuren? Download file.