Management of equipment and containers

Construction sites can be large and the equipment dispersed. To automate the process of managing and finding these assets can be beneficial.


The maintenance of construction machinery such as cranes or generators is often based on engine running time. On site and with the equipment dispersed, it can be almost impossible for maintenance teams to keep track of the usage hours of all machines and so plan their maintenance effectively.

Lost containers

Building materials are transported or stored in containers which can get scattered around the site and become hard to locate.

How to monitor leased machine usage?

Management of mobile teams

Mobile teams such as maintenance teams, work crews etc. need to be properly managed. Their timesheets and journey plans need to be recorded and monitored for payroll purposes.

Mobility allowance

In the EU from 2014, some workers became entitled to a mobility allowance, amount payable dependant on the sector and the collective labour agreement. To calculate the allowance correctly can be a daunting task for companies.

Avoid overloading of bulk trailers

Bulk trailers carrying loads of sand, gravel, construction waste etc. can easily get overloaded.
The cost to the operator can be high, not only for the fine but also the costs of sending another vehicle to recover and transfer part of the load.

Stealing fuel from construction machinery and trucks

Machinery can sit unattended for a long time in one place. There can be a high value of fuel in the tanks of these machines.

Options for both quiet and loud alarms are useful. Loud alarms deter the thief while he is in progress; quiet alarms are a tool to catch him and prevent future thefts.

Improper/unauthorised use

Construction machines can get used out of hours or during the weekend for private jobs off the site. This is undesirable for a number of reasons: fuel usage, wear and tear, insurance issues ...

Monitoring of leased machinery/containers

Machines and containers are rented out by time, usage etc. The owner needs a simple system to track these things for billing.

There can be a lot of scrap value in a large container

Theft of containers

Waste containers are stolen if they contain valuable material such as copper. Those materials are stolen from construction sites as well. Whether in the waste management or construction sectors, this can be a problem.

Theft of equipment

Large equipment can be stolen from at sites where they are relatively unguarded.

They can quickly be shipped to places where they are sold second hand, demolished for parts or even broken up for scrap metal value.