Road Transport - operation of trucks and trailers


Easy management of trailer fleets

You may have more trailers than tractors. Every day you need to keep track of where they all are and, if you use manual methods, you will probably regularly lose some and waste time looking for them.

Crime and theft of trailers and loads

Skeletal trailers with or without container, curtainsiders, boxes etc. are stolen for their loads or even just for the scrap value of the steel. Sometimes the load turns out not be of interest so they just leave it somewhere. Sometimes, within a few days, it ends up at a scrap dealer 1000's of km away. How do you get them back?

Cargo gets stolen in car parks.

Refugees crawl into trailers as stowaways, damaging cargoes and resulting in large fines for the haulier if caught.

Trailer security is often only a steel cable and a padlock.

Monitoring and control of tyre pressures (TPMS)

Thorough monitoring of tyre pressures is necessary and desirable, because it offers many benefits and cost reductions:

- Reduce fuel consumption by 2.5 to 7%
- Extends the life of the tyres
- Reduce the number of blow-outs by up to 70%
- Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
- Safer driving, less accidents

Fuel theft

Fuel from the tank can be stolen either through the cap or by drilling a hole in the side of the tank. There is a direct cost for the fuel plus an indirect cost for damage caused, which may be a lot higher.

Efficient planning and monitoring

Loading times reported by drivers are not always reliable. It may include the driver's rest time or other kinds of waiting time.

Planning is negatively affected if customers do not stick to their time windows for loading and unloading.


Trailers are sometimes loaded by third parties. Bulk trailers and trucks are sometimes loaded simply until they are full.

In such cases, the carrier will not know for sure if the vehicles has been overloaded or not. Fines are high and the authorities are becoming more efficient in spotting violations by the use of intelligent cameras.

Service for clients

Your customers will want to know where "their" trailer or their goods are. Instead of asking you, they can track it themselves on a web page.

Customers often demand stand trailers. You want to provide them with as many as they need but you may also suspect that they demand too many so you want to monitor exactly how they are using them including loading/unloading activity.

Protection against theft of trailers

Trailers are regularly stolen and quickly disappear abroad for reuse or even just for the metal.
To track and follow a trailer is very simple and will enable you to to quickly find and retrive a trailer and possibly punish the perpetrators.
There are options for a concealed installation of the tracking unit.

Control of sub-contractors and unaccompanied shipments

Your trailers may be pulled sometimes by sub-contractors. Are they delivering them on time? If shipped unaccompanied, was your trailer was picked up from the port on time? Did the sub-contractor use your trailer for any of his own jobs?

Rental of trailers

When renting out trailers, most of the time the owner is not interested to know exactly where they are. However, if the trailer gets stolen by a third party or perhaps even by the customer himself, then you will want to be able to locate that trailer as quickly as possible.

Management of mobile forklifts

Mobile forklifts installed on trailers for loading/unloading can get forgotten and left on third party sites. If they are not subsequently needed for a few days, then the loss may go undetected and it becomes harder and harder to find them.

Shock sensitive and fragile goods

Some loads are particularly delicate containing goods that cannot undergo too excessive forces e.g. anything made of glass, sensitive machinery or equipment.

As well as wanting to measure the forces undergone during a job, you might want to know where any excessive force occured in order to identify any persons responsible.

Hazardous cargo (ADR) transport

ADR transport requires thorough load tracking at all times and not just when the trailer is connected to a tractor.