Theft and sabotage

On farms there are often high value, expensive machines left unattended in accessible places.

More and more they will be targeted by thieves for the whole machine or for the parts and sabotage by vandals may also be a problem.

Fuel Theft

Fuel tanks of tractors or other agricultural machinery hold a lot of diesel.

With rising fuel prices, more and more farmers are confronted with fuel theft.

Trailers holding agricultural products

Potatoes, vegetables, grain, straw ...
All are taken away after harvest in large open trailers for storage or processing.

They might be left in a yard with many others. Busy contractors and transport firms dropping and picking up multiple trailers in a day can have problems identifying the right ones and end up mistakenly taking the wrong ones.

Management of vegetable storage

Fruit and vegetables are collected at harvest and stored in large boxes. During the hectic and even chaotic period of harvest, these boxes need to be well managed.
They need to be processed quickly and efficiently as part of the system of quality control.

Theft from fuel storage tanks

Fuel storage tanks sit in yards and farms unattended. This can obviously be attractive to thieves.

Options for both quiet and loud alarms are useful. Loud alarms deter the thief while he is in progress; quiet alarms are a tool to catch him and prevent future thefts.